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Yahweh or Yahwehs? – Part 3

yhwh-11After thoroughly scrutinizing Part 1 and Part 2 one should have gotten a fairly good grasp of the direction of our investigation.

This last installment is where it will all come together and you should have a much better understanding of “Yahweh eloahim.”

The most difficult concept for many bible students to grasp is the fact that the Hebrew term “Yahweh eloahim” is not limited to father Yahweh or even to those known by the name Yahweh who are leaders in the eloahim.

The collective noun nature of the term eloahim makes Yahweh a family name. As noted in Part 2, this detail is specifically mentioned by the book of Ephesians:

For this cause I bow my knees to THE FATHER of our sovereign, Yahushua the messiah, FROM WHOM the whole family in the heavens and upon the earth is named. (Eph. 3:14-15).

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Right Torah, Wrong Torah!

There are many professed followers of Yahweh that believe they must keep the Torah in order to attain salvation and eternal life.

What has been noticed is that most of these followers have failed to recognize that they have chosen the wrong Torah!  The fact of the matter is that Scriptures point out that there is more than one Torah for you to choose from.

It is important to recognize that keeping the right Torah leads to eternal life and attempting to keep the wrong one is only going to reward a person with eternal death come Judgment Day.

If you were not aware of such a notion then it is highly suggested that you keep reading to discover the facts of the matter.

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