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Passover – A Challenge

There is a popular Sacred Name group that offers an article titled “Why Passover is Not a High Day.” Contained within this article is the subtitle  “12 Reasons Why the Passover Is Not the First High Day.”

We shall present a few excerpts from the article to illustrate the distortions and reinterpretations of Scriptures utilized by them to justify their predetermined conclusions regarding Passover.

The following are “Reasons10 and 11. After each “– STATEMENT –” we will provide a “• RESPONSE •”.

10. Does Passover Memorial Make Eight Days of the Feast?

From the time we take the emblems of unleavened bread and the cup, we are to purge (Strong’s No. 1571 ekkathairo), meaning to cleanse thoroughly, to eliminate, to purify, to get rid of the old leaven. Does this mean that we are now keeping eight days of unleavened bread rather than seven, as some allege?

It is implied that after eating the Passover meal at the beginning of Abib 14, one is to begin to purge or get rid of the old leaven that still remains in the home. Read the rest of this entry »

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