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13. Passover – Hasidic Practice II

In this second and final half of our discussion we will now look to the ancient records that demonstrate the Hasidic view regarding Passover.

The Book of Jubilees
The Book of Jubilees, originally composed in Hebrew by the Hasidim in the late second century B.C.E.,1 gives us the earliest representation of the Hasidic argument. To date, the most complete version of this text is found in the Ethiopian edition. It reports:

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What Time is It?

I didn’t want you to look at your watch, clock, computer, or sundial to tell me what time it is. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

I wanted you to tell me what time it is according to Yahweh’s clock pertaining to mankind.

If you are a proclaimed instructor of Yahweh’s word and the answer eludes you please heed the following scripture.

Yahushua answered, and said to him (Nicodemus): Are you a teacher of Israel, and you do not know these things? (John 3:10)

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