The Sacred Ruach

In Scriptures, it is amply demonstrated that the Hebrew term רוח (ruach; spirit) refers to an unseen animating force, anything from a wind, to movement in a machine, to a life force. Basically, the term means “to blow, i.e., breathe” forth.1 Its definition proves to be very important in that it helps explain Yahweh’s sacred ruach (holy spirit).

The sacred ruach is an incorporeal substance that comes directly from the ruach substance of father Yahweh. It is used in different ways for creating and enabling. For instance, it provided the substance breathed into Adam, which made him a living nephesh (person), thereby creating a person, a child of Yahweh.

Yet it is also separately used to further the creation of the species of Adam—enhancing human capabilities (gifts), resurrecting humans from the dead, destroying the wicked, quickening the just into eternal life, and even perfecting those quickened.

With this study, we will deal with the fact that the sacred ruach is not a person but a “substance,” defined as the breath of father Yahweh. This divine substance was the power used by our creator to bring our world and all its life forms into existence.
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