Israel – Guess Who?

We thought it would be an interesting idea to provide a variety of scriptural references regarding the unconditional birthright blessing given by Yahweh to Isaak, Jacob, and to Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.

The object is to see if there are any peoples or nation that could be identified which has met the conditions of this blessing, thereby proving or disproving the veracity of Scriptures.

If there is possibly any interest on your part concerning this endeavor, then the following investigation might prove to be rather interesting.

In Scriptures, an important right of the firstborn is the birthright blessing. This blessing takes place when the patriarch of the family, who possesses the unconditional blessing, feels he is nearing death and has a need of passing on the blessing to the son who has the legal right to it.

Unconditional Blessing
This birthright blessing is cautiously given, for once it has been obtained, it is unconditional and cannot be taken back. We begin to define the unconditional birthright blessing as it was given to Rebekah by her family.

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