Did Enoch and Elijah Die?

The heart of the conjecture that, at death, the “pious-go-to-heaven” comes from the histories involving Enoch’s translation and Elijah’s trip into the heavens in a whirlwind of fire.1 Yet, the evidence proves that such an interpretation is inconsistent with clear scriptural statements.

Centuries after either of these two events, Yahushua proclaimed that no human, except for himself, had ever been in the heavens wherein father Yahweh dwells.2 Further, it is impossible that Enoch and Elijah could ever have gone into the third heavens because father Yahweh dwells in unapproachable light, “whom no one of mankind did see nor is able to see.”3

Still, another point is ignored by the advocates of the “pious-go-to heaven” conjecture; neither Enoch nor Elijah was dead at the time of their experience. Yet Scriptures proclaim that all humans have sinned and that “the wages of sin is death.”4 Continue reading “Did Enoch and Elijah Die?”

Three Heavens in Scriptures

We will examine the fact that in Scriptures, there are three regions of רקיע (raqiya; open expanse),1 i.e., different realms, each called “heavens.”

Father Yahweh dwells in what is defined as the “third heavens,” the sun, moon, and stars occupy the “second heavens,” and flying birds and clouds are contained in the “first heavens” (i.e., in the atmosphere surrounding the earth).

The evidence will prove that no man—with only the exception of Yahushua the messiah, and then only in those periods before and after his fleshly, earthly existence as a human—has ever dwelt in the third heavens with father Yahweh.

The fundamental error made by those who would have mortal humans go off to heaven to be with father Yahweh before death, resurrection, and quickening is their confounding of the three different realms called “heavens.” Continue reading “Three Heavens in Scriptures”

Rapture – Shortcut to Paradise?

rapture yahwehNeedless to say there are a number of people that want to circumvent the rules by avoiding scriptural truth and the reality that all must suffer death at least once.

There is a popular saying that you might have heard which goes something like this, “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.”

First, the truth is that no person is going to heaven regardless of dying. The one exception is the person whose name and title is Yahushua the messiah. As all would know, his circumstances differed from the average person’s. (Another topic to be addressed at a later time.)

Second, all persons will, in fact, die before the Millennial Judgment Day whether they believe so or not. Even Yahushua had to submit to this reality.

Is there any merit to the idea that some select group of believers can actually take a shortcut to paradise by avoiding death?

Let’s begin our investigation to find out the truth of the matter.

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