What Happened to Noah?

There seems to be confusion among many regarding Noah and the incident that occurred while he was sleeping in a drunken state, as recorded in Genesis 9:20-27.

It is generally assumed that the “YOUNGER SON” referred to in Gen. 9:24 is Ham, the son of Noah.

And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his YOUNGER SON had done unto him. (Gen. 9:24)

Therefore, it follows that Ham was directly or indirectly involved in a severe transgression against Noah, his father.

This study will address the fact that Ham was not the younger son referred to but was, in fact, the oldest son of Noah. We shall also prove that the “YOUNGER SON” was actually Ham’s son Canaan.

Accordingly, we shall substantiate that Ham’s “YOUNGER SON” Canaan had perpetrated an evil act upon Noah while he was asleep in a drunken state.

Our first task is to furnish evidence establishing that Ham was Noah’s firstborn son and, therefore, the older son, not the younger. Continue reading “What Happened to Noah?”