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Pharisaic Calendar and Court – Pt. 2

YRR has released an audio Mini-Pod titled “Pharisaic Calendar and Court – Pt. 2”

The court system developed by the Hillelic Pharisees was clearly a device they invented to address how a New Moon Day was to be declared. The rabbis did involve the populace by having them act as official witnesses, making them feel as if they were an essential part of the process.

At the same time, the Jewish people allowed the Nasi (head of the Sanhedrin) to become all-powerful, giving him the same status as Moses and by hanging on his very utterance of approval before they could begin a month and count the days to their festivals.

Ultimately, the regulations of the Hillelic system caused it to collapse under its own weight, leaving those who adhered to its principles in a constant state of confusion.

Listen in to get the facts regarding the alteration of Yahweh’s sacred calendar by the Hillelic Pharisees and its effect on those today who are unknowingly following their precepts, which include the requirement of a visible crescent of the moon to begin a month.

This audio presentation can be accessed and listened to at the following link:

M019. Pharisaic Calendar and Court -Pt. 2 (15:58)

It can also be listened to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Podbean, among others.

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