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New Moons – Visibility or Calculation?

When it comes to the issue of determining New Moons by visibility or calculation, there are a number of questions one should consider when trying to ascertain Yahweh’s truth of the matter.

It seems that various religious leaders have convinced many people that not only must one actually see the visible crescent of the new moon but must also determine the greenness of the barley crop for the New Year.

These religious leaders purport to know and understand the true criteria for the determination of Yahweh’s calendar. They also claim their knowledge and understanding comes directly from Scriptures.

In addition, these religious leaders claim that their formula for determining New Moons emanates from Scriptures and is very simple. So simple that Yahweh has provided the means for virtually anyone to determine the beginning of months and years regardless of circumstance.

Well, almost anyone. You might not be so fortunate if you don’t have 20-20 vision or are not a farmer.

One might ask, If the New Moon formula is so simple, as stated by the religious leaders, what about the following questions that can be derived from such a simple formula?

Where can it be found in Scriptures where it explicitly states that one must actually see the new moon crescent?

If so, where should one observe it from? Jerusalem or locally?

Can one use eyeglasses, binoculars, or a telescope?

Is it permissible to view the crescent from a mountain top? If so, what would be the maximum elevation allowed?

What if the sky is too cloudy to even see the new moon crescent?

If the new moon crescent is not seen from Jerusalem or the eastern coast of the United States but is seen in California, then what does one do while living in the USA?

Where in Scriptures does it state that green ears of barley along with a visible crescent is required for the determination of Abib 1?

If so, where should the barley be observed? Jerusalem or locally?

What happens if the barley is delayed for a month because of weather conditions like adverse temperatures or drought?

Can one actually know the absolute truth regarding Yahweh’s calendar?

When in doubt, should we rely on the Jewish religious leaders for authority?

If one ponders the above questions, then one might consider the following:

After contemplation of the so-called simple formula, could it be that Yahweh has actually made the calendar not so simple after all for mankind to keep Yahweh’s statutes regarding his Festival Days accurately?

Would Yahweh entrust flawed mankind, with his mental and/or physical handicaps, to determine the visibility of thin lunar crescents for the validity of Yahweh’s sacred calendar?

Also, would Yahweh entrust imperfect mankind, made up of both farmers and city folk, to establish the required degree of ripened barley along with the visible new moon crescent for determining the New Year of the sacred calendar of Yahweh?

When all human delusion is put aside, it only stands to reason that if Yahweh commands us to do something, he fully expects us to comprehend his instructions completely and to correctly and accurately carry them out. This also means precisely at the right time and without the slightest doubt.

Keep in mind that father Yahweh is not the author of confusion.

For the deity (Yahweh) is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all assemblies of the saints. (1 Cor. 14:33)

On the other hand, one should know that there is, in fact, someone else who does confuse and more specifically deceives:

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone . . . (Rev. 20:10)

It should be recognized that, according to Scriptures, Abraham was able to correctly keep Yahweh’s statutes, which would entail the observance of the Festival Days. Needless to say, in order to accurately keep the Festival Days, Abraham also would have had to have known how to correctly determine new moons and especially the new moon of the New Year, Abib 1.

Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, MY STATUTES, and my laws. (Gen 26:5)

One may argue that since Abraham was just a nomad of sorts, he simply was notified by Yahweh personally when the beginning of the year was to occur along with the subsequent Festival Days.

Another possibility to consider is that Yahweh actually taught Abraham how to utilize his clock that was set in the sky by instructing him how to calculate the day of the New Year along with the Festival Days.

Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that there is indeed ancient evidence that Abraham knew astronomy and mathematics?

If you have any curiosity about Abraham’s knowledge of such matters, then you might want to take a look at New Moon Clarity, one of several posts that go a long way toward ending any confusion regarding the issue of visibility or calculation of the new moons of Yahweh’s calendar.

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