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Why Yahushua Instead of Yahshua?

You might be wondering if one is possibly playing games with the name Yahweh or showing disrespect for our heavenly father’s name.

Actually, not at all, and nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this spelling has brought attention to the first part of the messiah’s earthly name: Yahu-shua (Yhw-shua). For some reason, the “waw” was stripped out of the name rendering the spelling Yah-shua.

The change from Yahushua to Yahshua began in the mid-2nd century B.C.E. with the ineffable name doctrine of the Jews.

Notice that Yahu (YHW) contains the first three letters of the sacred name Yahweh (YHWH). This is interesting when, upon further research, one realizes that there are names in Scriptures that still retain the Yahu element. For instance, Jeremiah (Yeremiah) is found as Yeremyahu. Also, Joshua (Yahshua, Yeshua) is revealed as Yahushua.

Research indicates that the “waw” was stripped out of these names as a casualty of the ineffable name doctrine; too many letters of the sacred name Yahweh were being utilized.

Upon further investigation, it is revealed that Yahu is the praenomen of the personage that appeared to the patriarchs in the Old Testament under the name Yahweh. The full name of this personage is Yahu Yahweh.

This same Yahu Yahweh was later the person who became flesh, being born of a virgin, and was known by the earthly name and designation Yahushua the messiah. Yahu-shua literally means “Yahu saves” rather than the generally accepted meaning “Yahweh is salvation.”

It is Yahu (Yahu-shua) who saves through his surname given to him by the father, the one and only saving name “Yahweh.”

A stark fact is realized: those who insist upon utilizing Yahshua or Yeshua as the pronunciation of the messiah’s earthly name are ignorantly following a form of the ineffable name doctrine. It serves to hide the true identity of the son of father Yahweh, the son who offers us salvation via the name shared by himself and the father, the full sacred name Yahweh.

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