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A Sabbath Year Announcement

It would be remiss of the Yahu Ranger Report if, at this time, there was not issued the report of an approaching Sabbath Year beginning at sunset on March 22 (Abib 1) of the Gregorian Year 2023.

For various reasons, there are those who would dismiss any consideration of the validity of Sabbath Years or Jubilee Years as commanded in Scriptures. (Lev. 25: 1-13)

The Yahu Ranger Report strongly disagrees with this position.

First, the knowledge of the Sabbath and Jubilee Years is essential for reconstructing the chronological framework of ancient Israelite history.

Second, once the true Sabbath and Jubilee years are ascertained, it allows us to “clock in” and discover which years are presently Sabbaths and Jubilees. This knowledge holds great significance for the followers of Yahweh.

The book of Hebrews, for example, notes that “The Law,” of which the Sabbath and Jubilee Years are a part, is “a shadow of the coming good things.” (Heb. 10:1) The Sabbath day, to demonstrate, was reckoned as a type of the great sabbatism and rest into which the people of Yahweh will one day enter. (Heb. 3:7-4:13)

Likewise, the prophetic character of the Jubilee year is strongly attested to. The ancient book of Jubilees, for instance, notes that the Sabbath and Jubilee Cycle would continue “until the sanctuary of the sovereign (Yahweh) is creat­ed in Jerusalem upon Mount Zion.” (Jub. 1:12)

The text of 11Q Melchizedek, found in the caves at Qumran, explains the Jubilee statutes of Leviticus 25 by stating:

1. [saying to Zion] ‘your eloahim reigns.’ . . . [
2. [    ] . . . and where it says, ‘In [this] year of Jubilee you shall return, each man to his possession.’
3. [and where it says, ‘Let] every holder of a debt [let drop] what he loans [to his neighbor. Let him not exact payment from his neighbor nor from his brother, for there is proclaimed a] remission
4. [of el.’ Its interpretation concerns the e]nd of days as regards ‘those taken captive’ who [. . . etc.].
(See SJC p. 6, fn. 6)

“Those taken captive” is a reference to the future captivity of the Israelites among the nations during the end of days. The prophets foretold that out of this captivity, a remnant of Israel and Judah would return to the Promised Land and eternally dwell with Yahweh. (See SJC p. 6, fn. 7)

This return was symbolized by the Israelites regaining their liberty during the Jubilee Year. Therefore, the coming of the messiah during the end of days, at which time he will save Israel and Judah from their captivity and return them to their homeland, was, by extension, understood as occurring in one of these future Jubilee Years. (HUCA 46, pp. 201-218)

In either case, whether for an accurate Israelite chronology or eschatological purposes, a precise knowledge of the Sabbath and Jubilee Years is required. Therefore, we must take the utmost care in uncovering and recognizing the true and original Sabbath and Jubilee Cycle.

For an in-depth discussion covering this subject, please refer to the online publication by Qadesh La Yahweh Press titled The Sabbath and Jubilee Cycle.

Yahweh be with you.

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