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About the Name Yahweh

Some people need clarification about the issue of whether we can know the name of the creator. Some teach that it is impossible to attain this information. Some say the evidence reveals his name to be Yahweh, but the pronunciation cannot be known with certainty.

Some go so far as to say we shouldn’t even attempt to use the name Yahweh nor try to pronounce it, as it would disparage the creator. The logic would be that we are too ignorant and should not use guesswork when communicating with our creator. Besides, the creator recognizes our handicaps and hopeless situation, forgiving us for not obeying his instruction to know and proclaim his name. The following is just one scriptural verse of many that contradict such logic.

For it will be (that) ALL WHO WILL CALL ON THE NAME YAHWEH  SHALL BE SAVED. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem will be salvation, as Yahweh  has said, and among the saved who Yahweh  will call. (Joel 2:32)

So is Yahweh playing some cruel game with us where on the one hand, he requires us to call on his name for salvation, and then on the other, he prevents us from knowing his name, making it impossible to be saved? As Yahweh states:

Come, let us reason together. (Isaiah 1:18)

Reason and logic dictate that father Yahweh expects and requires one to use and call on his sacred name for salvation.

It is time to put the error of ignorance and falsehood behind us.

Knowledge of the sacred name Yahweh along with its pronunciation, is, in fact, attainable and is to be used and proclaimed. This is because father Yahweh has not allowed his name to be lost or hidden so mankind could never attain salvation.

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